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New Dobson Organ
The countdown to the arrival of our new organ continues, with just
5-1/2 weeks remaining before the first truck arrives with the initial
load from Lake City, Iowa. Below are some pictures that show the
process of actually building our organ in the factory before it is again
dismantled and prepared for the road trip to Williamsburg. Stay tuned
as we update pictures when available, and watch for information about
a forum in March that will allow anyone interested a chance to see the
organ in the church while still in progress.









ORGAN 3          ORGAN 4          ORGAN 5          ORGAN 6          ORGAN 7        ORGAN 19
ORGAN 8          ORGAN 9          ORGAN 10          ORGAN 11          ORGAN 12           ORGAN 13         

ORGAN 14          ORGAN 15          ORGAN 16          ORGAN 17         ORGAN 18


Newly-Rebuilt Steinway B Piano for the Parish House
In other exciting news Bruton Parish has been awarded an E.F. Sloane Foundation award that, together with a bequest from a former choir member, John Matherne, has enabled us to purchase a newly-rebuilt Steinway B piano for the Parish House. You may not know that the small piano that has been in Lewis Hall for years belongs to the Williamsburg Music Club and has proved inadequate for that large space. The larger Steinway piano arrived on Monday of this week, and JanEl and Beckie had the great privilege of playing it as soon as it was set up -- it is a beautiful instrument and will enhance our music ministry in a variety of ways. The timing is perfect, with worship services scheduled to take place in the Parish House in just a few weeks (February 10). We will dedicate the piano in worship that morning and will additionally celebrate its arrival with a special concert on Tuesday, February 26 with Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 52, by Johannes Brahms and other Lieder from the romantic era with Sarah Taylor, soprano, Bekah Davis, alto, George Revill, tenor, and Chris Mooney, baritone. Save the date and be sure to join us for the gala event.